Core Values

With a rich Vincentian legacy for an innovative holistic transformation of an individual and the community, our core values are:

Prayer: We use daily prayer to nourish and nurture our faith.

Service: We willingly serve God, family, and community and act for the needs of others.

Respect: We model our love to the love of Jesus by the way we speak and act toward others, holding each other in high esteem. We maintain to each person an attitude of servant.

Responsibility: We model ourselves after the teachings of Jesus and St. Vincent de Paul. Through our

responsible words and actions, we inspire our faith community.

Compassion: We strive towards unconditional love and a strong belief in the dignity of each human person. We seek understanding through empathy and forgiveness.

Excellence: Attentive to the signs of the times, we maintain high standard of professionalism and quality

Faith: Faith is a personal journey of our belief in God. Through our journey, we share our faith and serve others