Formation of Formators

Formation of Formators

It is not unusual in Kenya to hear that one is appointed to the Seminary or a Religious Formation Centre for formation not because he has skills, knowledge, and experience to do formation, but because he did not fit in any other apostolate. Besides, the person is appointed without any preparation whatsoever for this important ministry of formation. This is neither healthy for the person himself, nor for the students, he is going to form. This programme is dedicated to preparing men (and women) for the ministry of formation.

The programme offers a comprehensive, spiritual, collaborative, intellectual, and experiential approach to learning, life, and ministry—all focused within the context of formation.

Participants live in the community and share their experiences with fellow ministers in a residential, nine-month program. By living, worshipping, and studying together, participants are able to model and live what is ideal in seminaries and houses of formation. Through this process, participants develop the needed skills and tools for formation ministry.

The programme uses several methods to prepare a formator for success in the formation ministry, including talks from knowledgeable professionals and ministers, dialogue, experiential intercultural living, self-reflection practices and formal research on current formation issues.

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