This Programme is a ministry to the recently ordained confreres and new administrators/parish priests (first two years). It is offered as a gift of experience and wisdom from one who has lived the priestly life to one who seeks to live that life productively and happily. A mentor is an experienced (10 or more years in the priesthood), who seeks to accompany another as the other moves from life as a seminarian to the diaconate to the priesthood. The mentor understands the nature of the relationship; that of a “co-worker with Christ” and because of his lived experience as pastor; he accepts a role as having a sacred entry, a certain “rite of passage” into the life and the concerns of the recently ordained, administrators/pastors.

The mentor will see himself as the sounding board for the mentee. He will actively listen to the issues of adjustment recalling that the focus of mentoring is always on the priest and his development. Because the mentor is a third party, he is more likely to be objective in the processing of transition issues.

The mentor is in a position to be a model for the mentee concerning attitudes of patience, understanding, and calmness in assessing issues and concerns that arise in the normal events of pastoral life.

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