Popular Missions

Popular Missions

Article 14 of our Constitution, states, “Popular missions, so dear to the heart of our Founder, are to be earnestly promoted. Therefore, we should undertake the work of the missions according to circumstances of time and place, searching for all possible means to give this work new vitality, both to renew and to build up a true Christian community and to awaken faith in the hearts of unbelievers.”

In line with this constitutional exhortation, our confreres and seminarians have organized parish missions since 2016. During long vacation for seminarians and as part of their pastoral experience, together with confreres and some lay members of the Christian faithful, mission teams visit parishes to teach, preach, and celebrate the sacraments providing the parishioners with inspirational and spiritual encouragement by sharing God’s love. So far, the missions have been limited to our Vincentian parishes in Kenya. We hope to expand this to other parishes in Kenya.

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